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Low Impact Paintballing

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90 Min


Up to 14 days

Group Size

1 people




Perfect for younger groups, children and simply those who would prefer not to end up bruised, Low impact is all the fun of regular paintballing but without the pain!

Why Paintballing? People play for the wide variety of players that they contend with, the new, the experienced, the nice, the rude players, your friends on your team or on the opposing side. When you play paintball in Carlingford you get the whole package.

The moment you start to load paintballs into your your hopper, you know its going to be an exciting day. People play because when your going to take a shower, and examine all your welts, you know you had a kickass day of paintball.

Carlingford’s Paintballing partners have done a great job at creating a location perfect for all Paintballing enthusiasts, It has been carefully planned and thought out and provides a perfect rural battleground to go to war with your friends or against opposing teams.

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  • Includes 200 Paintballs with more available on site.


Approx 90 Minutes



Activity Types

Family Day Outs
Kid Friendly
Outdoor Activities

Activity's Location

Created with Sketch. Carlingford, Co. Louth


What do I wear?
We advise that you wear a light t-shirt and light trousers (depending on the weather) as we supply overalls. These overalls can become quite hot when running around. Old boots or wellingtons are highly recommended.
What do I need to bring?
We advise boots/wellingtons and a change of clothes for after paintballing.
Will the weather affect paintballing games?
Weather does not affect paintball games. If you don’t mind getting wet then we don’t mind.
Can I bring my own equipment and paintballs?
For health and safety reasons the answer is no. Only the paintballs and markers supplied may be used on our premises.
How many paintballs will I need??
There is no definite answer to this as it depends on the person and how trigger-happy they are. It is entirely up to each person how many they use.
Is paintball suitable for children?
While our Low Impact Paintballing activity is well suited for children,
Parents will need to know about the nature of paintballing and decide for themselves whether their child is able, and mature enough to participate in paintball games.
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