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My name is Adam and I have been guiding in the beautiful Emerald Isle of Ireland for over 5 years now. With a wealth of experience having guided over 50, 000 people around Ireland you'll be in extremely safe hands if you book a tour with me.<br /> <br /> Born in Dublin I managed to escape what is colloquially called 'the Pale' as soon as I left the hospital! I spent my formative years in the county of lovely Laois, it's so lovely it has a song in that vain about it. Growing up in rural Ireland I instantly took an interest in the world around and showed a keen interest in what shaped the country I lived in.<br /> <br /> Upon completing my high school education I had an abundance of options in front of me, my career guidance councillor suggested that in the midst of an economic recession I would be a fool not to pursue I. T. as my next step. But a fool I was, I chose instead to follow my heart and passion and instead went for the more precarious option of the arts and humanities in the form of historical studies and I never looked back.<br /> <br /> Having spent four years in university it was therefore time to get a full time job, many of my friends went into administrative jobs and jobs in the service industry, meanwhile yours truly stubbornly was determined to use the skill set, knowledge base and passion for Ireland that I spent my lifetime cultivating. This inadvertently led me to tour guiding and I discovered the job I was born to do. Since I took this career path I've guided in some of Ireland's premier sites.<br /> <br /> Most tour guides will describe guiding as their profession, for me it is my passion. Spend five minutes with me and this passion should become quickly evident. To paraphrase an old saying - I don't feel like I've worked a day in my life!
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