Strike Out

Strike Out is the ultimate activity for the competitive groups that have an “in it to win in attitude”. This head to head activity is made up of a variety of interactive games and always a great way to get the party started!

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Cube Games

The best cube in Ireland can be found here in the Kilkenny Activity Centre.

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Battle of the Bridesmaids

Lead your team to victory in the Battle of the Bridesmaids activity. Dressed in our vintage 1980’s bridesmaid dresses you are split in to teams competing against each other in timed challenges.

Bottle of Bubbly for the winner

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In It To Win It

Unleash the Competitiveness!!

In this action packed, fun filled activity each team goes head to head in timed challenges to see who can lead their team to victory – competitiveness you never knew existed appears!

Bottle of Bubbly for the winning team

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Poker Night

There’s a reason that poker night is a synonym for lads night. On poker night it’s a time when men can be men. Knowing how to play is a requirement of manhood. So if you don’t know your flush from a full-house or you’re convinced that Poker Face is all about Lady Gaga – this isn’t the stag do activity for you.

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